Blackrock Bitcoin ETF Attracts $5 BLN Net Inflows, Solidifying Market Acceptance – Crypto News – Crypto News
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Blackrock Bitcoin ETF Attracts $5 BLN Net Inflows, Solidifying Market Acceptance – Crypto News



Bitcoin ETFs have garnered immense attention since their approval. Topping the charts among the newly launched ETFs, Blackrock has so far outperformed its peers, and has encompassed the highest number of net inflows and assets under management. Amid the rise in Bitcoin ETF’s popularity, market participants are now anticipating higher inflows in the year.

Blackrock Bitcoin ETF cross $5 billion mark

Blackrock Bitcoin ETF has long outperformed its peers in the race. On February 16, the total net inflow of Bitcoin spot ETF was $331 million, as reported by SoSoValue. This level of inflow has been reached for 16 straight trading days. Out of this, $191 million was the net inflow for the BlackRock ETF IBIT in a single day. IBIT’s total historical net inflow as of right now is $5.36 billion.

Additionally, Inflows into Blackrock’s IBIT have skyrocketed to position it in the top 7% of all ETFs by market capitalization. This is an exceptionally robust second wind for a conventionally new offering, according to many market analysts.

All Bitcoin ETFs shine amid higher market demand

After a shaky start and debut, all the newly launched Bitcoin ETFs have now firmed their grounds in the market. Out of the eleven ETFs, four of them have crossed the $1 billion milestone for net inflows. After Blackrock, Fidelity has secured its position as the second most successful Bitcoin ETF. Fidelity right now holds $3.7 billion in net inflows and has $4.5 billion in total assets under management.

The third and fourth spots in the list have been filled by Ark Investment and Bitwise, both of which have net inflows above $1 billion. The robust trading by all these BTC ETFs shows how market sentiments have strengthened around the asset. This also demonstrates that the gap that initially existed between digital currencies and traditional regulated markets has been bridged with more and more investors hoping the ETF bandwagon.

Market outlook: what to expect in the future?

Bitcoin ETFs are performing well on key trading metrics, according to both ETF specialists and supporters of cryptocurrencies. The launch of Bitcoin ETFs demonstrated that investors still need to be exposed to BTC through traditional investment vehicles. The bitcoin ecosystem is evolving, as seen by the markets’ recognition of digital assets as a genuine asset class. It is anticipated that the market size and assets under management for BTC ETFs will rise steadily in the future. All of the freshly launched ETFs are now priced by the market to perform well in the near term and prove to be a sustainable investment in the long run. The market outlook has also shifted to a $10 billion-$15 billion inflow in the Bitcoin Spot ETFs in 2024, much higher than the previous expectation.

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