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Charles Hoskinson Fumes At “Will Cardano Die” Campaign, Teases Good News – Crypto News



In a fiery post on X (formerly Twitter), Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has lashed out at crypto influencers and media outlets for their negative portrayal of the network. Hoskinson criticized the widespread skepticism about project’s future. Moreover, he hinted at incoming “good news” to spread optimism about the Cardano ecosystem.

Charles Hoskinson Says Cardano Is Here To Stay

The Cardano founder argued that there is a stark “disconnect between reality and opinion” regarding the project’s fundamentals and its perception. “Never in my career have I seen such a profound disconnect between reality and opinion with the cryptocurrency influencer and media perception of Cardano versus its actual fundamentals,” Hoskinson wrote.

In addition, he expressed frustration over headlines questioning the ecosystem’s viability, such as “Will Cardano die?” Moreover, he labeled such coverage as “beyond pathetic,” accusing it of reflecting the “low quality and low effort” put into understanding the ecosystem.

Furthermore, Hoskinson highlighted several significant developments and upcoming events that demonstrate Cardano’s robust progress. He mentioned the ecosystem is on the verge of “the most significant hard fork in the history of the project.” This marks a pivotal upgrade in the network.

Additionally, he pointed out the rapid growth of community-developed decentralized applications (DApps). He also spotlighted Cardano’s leading role in scaling research and development (R&D). Key technological advancements like Hydra, a layer-2 scaling solution, are maturing. These enhance network’s capability to handle increased transaction volumes efficiently.

Moreover, Hoskinson noted that the ecosystem is involved in numerous community events and partnerships, including the Rare Evo and the Foundation Summit. Furthermore, he highlighted significant participation in the Token 2049 conference.

Despite the negative media coverage, Hoskinson remains optimistic about the network’s future. He stated that the project has “much good news coming in just the next six months.” He reaffirmed his belief in Cardano’s longevity and impact, declaring, “Cardano is here to stay, and it’s a juggernaut that will drag this industry kicking and screaming if it has to.”

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Recent Argentina Expansion

Hoskinson also emphasized Cardano’s commitment to solving real-world issues through initiatives like Catalyst, which funds community projects. He also highlighted the constitutional convention in Argentina. These efforts underscore Cardano’s broader mission to address “real-world economic, political, and social issues.”

Cardano Foundation recently revealed, “We are delighted to announce a new partnership in Argentina!” They added, “Following a public signing between Rogelio Frigerio and Rafael Fraga, the #CardanoFoundation is collaborating with Entre Ríos state to further #blockchain adoption.”

Moreover, Hoskinson quoted this post to express optimism on the development. He wrote, “Argentina is heating up!” Hence, this announcement marks the starting point of the several community-friendly announcements awaited in the next six months.

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