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Elon Musk Slams Electronic Voting Citing AI Risks, Here’s All – Crypto News



Elon Musk recently voiced his concerns about the ongoing election in Puerto Rico, drawing attention to voting irregularities and the use of electronic voting machines. Musk argued for the elimination of these machines, citing the potential risk of hacking by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In recent U.S. elections, the impact of cryptocurrency has grown, with Donald Trump being the first major party candidate to welcome crypto donations. This move has given him a significant edge among tech-savvy voters, highlighting the increasing influence of digital currencies in the political arena.

Voting Irregularities and Musk’s Advocacy for Paper Ballots

Elon Musk expressed his opinion on the election issues in Puerto Rico, particularly in light of the numerous voting irregularities that have occurred. He called for the elimination of electronic voting machines due to the potential risk of hacking by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or humans, even though this risk is relatively small.

According to the sources, Puerto Rico’s primary elections experienced hundreds of voting irregularities related to electronic voting machines. Fortunately, a paper trail allowed these problems to be identified and the vote tallies corrected. However, Musk raised concerns about what might happen in jurisdictions without a paper trail.

This now reflects the need for U.S. citizens to have confidence that their votes are counted accurately and that their elections are secure from hacking. Advocation for a return to paper ballots to prevent electronic interference with elections, emphasizing the importance of verifiable and secure voting processes.

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Crypto Influence and Election Integrity In US Elections

Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, had earlier emphasized the growing importance of cryptocurrency votes ahead of the upcoming U.S. Presidential election. Cryptocurrency assets and regulations have become central issues, with candidates advocating for clearer policies.

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has embraced cryptocurrency donations, positioning him as the first major party candidate to do so. This move now reflects the increasing influence of digital currencies in elections, aligning with Musk’s broader concerns about the integrity and security of the electoral process in the digital age.

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