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Gaming Vendor Xsolla Launches Online Video Game Mall Gaming Vendor Xsolla Launches Online Video Game Mall


Gaming Vendor Xsolla Launches Online Video Game Mall – Crypto News



Los Angeles-based video game retailer Xsolla has launched an online mall called Xsolla Mall. The platform enables a novel D2C distribution channel for the online distribution of games and in-game content. Xsolla says it is on a mission to make it easier for its partners to expand their global reach, increase their revenue, and build relationships with gamers all around the world by simplifying the challenges they face in global distribution, marketing, and monetization.

How it all fits in the gaming market

Xsolla is an international e-commerce platform for video games, providing a suite of strong, purpose-built products and services. To help creators earn and keep more of the revenues from the sale of their games and in-game content, it intends to assist them in overcoming current market obstacles. These obstacles include the high cost of attracting and retaining players, high distribution costs, and challenges in growing the number of paying players.

Video game developers can take advantage of the platform to host several landing pages where players can gain access to premium content, discounts, and experiences from the game’s developers and publishers, as well as from content creators and payment suppliers, all without having to go through a middleman.

The Xsolla Cloud Gaming technology forms the foundation for a growing catalogue of games that may be accessed through the Xsolla Mall. In addition to bringing together a wide variety of techniques for earning incremental funds for games, Xsolla Mall combines video game content, the ease of many local payment methods, the power of content creators and influencers, and a low cost of entry.

Developers and publishers can benefit from Xsolla Mall’s new distribution channel by lowering customer acquisition and retention expenses, expanding their brand’s reach, boosting player engagement, and ultimately raising their business’ bottom line. With a custom-branded landing page within the platform, developers can promote and monetize any portion of their game, or the game as a whole.