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Uphold to Facilitate $5B in Ripple Payments, CEO Reveals – Crypto News



In a significant development in the financial technology sector, Simon Mcloughlin, CEO of the American cryptocurrency exchange Uphold, has revealed details of their new partnership with blockchain-based global payments provider Ripple. This collaboration is set to make a substantial impact on the realm of international money transfers.

Ripple Payments Streamlined by Uphold Partnership

In a recent interview with Digital Perspectives, a leading crypto media outlet, Mcloughlin shed light on how Ripple’s payment product, aptly named “Ripple Payments,” is designed to streamline cross-border fund transfers for international companies. By leveraging XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, the company aims to tackle the long-standing challenges associated with the global movement of funds.

The partnership envisions Uphold as a key player in Ripple’s network, serving as one of its primary liquidity providers. In this role, Uphold will handle cryptocurrency conversion into fiat currency, thus enabling smooth payouts to banks. This functionality is critical in Ripple’s framework, as it allows companies to open Uphold accounts pre-funded with XRP, provided by Ripple, facilitating efficient currency conversions.

Mcloughlin emphasized the regulated nature of Uphold’s operations within this ecosystem, initially covering the UK, Europe, and the US, with plans to expand into Brazil. Expecting to lend credibility and stability to the operations, this regulated approach ensures compliance with the financial norms of these regions.

Uphold Ripple Partnership Eyes $5B Volume

Mcloughlin addressed the difficulties individuals and businesses face in this domain, highlighting the intricacies of international financial transactions. He cited the example of Uphold’s recent licensing in Canada, humorously illustrating the challenges in funding a Canadian bank account. He expressed dismay over the outdated methods still in use, such as physical transportation of money, stressing the need for modern solutions to these age-old problems.

The CEO of Uphold shared his enthusiasm about being part of a solution that harnesses the power of cryptocurrency to address a widespread market issue. This sentiment underscores the growing recognition of digital currencies as viable tools for solving real-world financial challenges.

Regarding expectations for the volume of transactions, Mcloughlin did not provide specific numbers but projected an initial annual volume of around $5 billion through the partnership. He also indicated the potential for this figure to increase significantly, especially as regulatory clarity evolves in various parts of the world.

This partnership between Uphold and Ripple marks a notable step forward in using blockchain and cryptocurrencies for practical, everyday applications. The collaboration aims to alleviate the complexities and inefficiencies of traditional cross-border money transfers, offering a glimpse into the future of financial transactions.

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